Go solar and Save upto 100% of your electricity bill for lifetime

How to get solar system installed on your roof

Choose the best solar system for you

Our solar calculator will help you to understand savings on installing solar panels with Rays Rooftop.

Talk to us

Fill in your contact details and wait for our call. We will provide you with the detailed quotation and offerings. Your comfort is our top most priority.

Install the solar system

Right from the design to complete installation, we make it a hassle free and safe experience for you. Your safety and trust are the pillars of our strength.

Enjoy life time savings

You can track your generation and system health using our Rays Rooftop App.

Solar panel packages

  • Optimized
  • Esthetic
  • Performance



Product information

We recommend Optimized solar panels for people who want the most cost-effective panels on the market.

  • Long life expectancy (85% effect after 25 years)
  • Most cost effective
  • Single crystal panels



Product information

Esthetic solar panels are our all-black panel that appeals to customers who demand stylish panels but without compromising on quality and effect.

  • Beautiful all-black design
  • Long life expectancy (85% effect after 25 years)
  • High power



Product information

The Performance panels provide robustness with high efficiency and are optimized for an extra long warranty and performance guarantees.

  • Increase performance guarantee (more than 90% effect after 25 years)
  • Reduced loss when shading
  • Highest power density (watts/sqm)

Easy Financing/ownership Options


Own the solar system by simply paying the small down payment, rest is paid by the bank under long term loan. The instalment amount will be much lesser than the electricity bill saved


Add the cost of solar cells to your existing mortgage at no extra cost. Enjoy more savings by paying lesser interest on the mortgage.


Make a outright purchase. No instalments for future. Excellent option for those who do not want to pay every month to the bank.

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