Increase your saving by storing your solar power in battery

Do not let your electricity supplier control your life

Intelligent Energy

You need not depend on your Electricity supplier; you can store your surplus energy and use it when the need arises.

Become Self-Sufficient

Rising electricity prices should not bother you change your status by producing entire consumption in the most profitable manner.

No more power cuts

You need not to worry about power cuts. You can use the electricity stored in the battery by Installing solar panels.

25% tax savings on purchase of Solar Batteries

Own a Solar battery now and get a 25% tax deduction. We see to it that it's done in the most efficient manner.

Our Batteries Option



  • It uses the same inverter to control your solar panels and your battery. Through this you end up saving space and money
  • Maximum efficiency is achieved when the battery charges using the direct current straight from the solar panels

√ź¬†ossible energy storage

5 KWH-300 KWH

Stand Alone


  • This battery system works independently of your solar inverter whether you have a solar system installed on your roof, or want a specific brand of solar inverter.
  • It is ideal as an addition to your existing solar system.
  • It maximizes your energy storage in one neat cabinet.




  • It reduced the power price by 70% for every single minute for many years to come.
  • It produces power from solar during the day.
  • It stores the excess and uses it in the evening or night.

Replace your Generator Sets with our Battery Storage Solutions

Replace your Generator Sets with our Battery Storage Solutions

Our battery storage solution provides you with the benefit of cost cutting upto 3 times the cost on diesel run generators. Over that, generators use a lot of space and have a high capital and operational costs.

If you replace these generator sets with our battery storage solutions, they will charge these batteries during the normal loads and discharge either at a fixed schedule or when there is a power cut.

These discharge patterns can be controlled through our App. This system can be retro-fitted in any setup.


Lets see how we can help you with battery solution

Understand the requirement

We will calculate and analyze your solar production and energy consumption.

Choose your Battery

We recommend the best options of battery configuration based on our calculation.


While we install your solar panels and batteries, you sit back and relax.

Do you want to work with us towards a more sustainable future?