Fast and effective way to charge your electric vehicle

Simply Powerful

Compact Size

Our Chargers come in a compact size and easy to fit in anywhere.

Fast charging

Our Chargers are above 25 KW and chargers of 25 KW reduce charging time by upto 25% without compromising the battery life.

Easy to Use

Our chargers are made by keeping in mind the customer's needs that's why they are easy to use. Anyone can use it just plug in and see the magic.

Bring energy efficiency to your home with our smart chargers

Upto 25 kw capacity

Our chargers are made by keeping in mind the market so it works well with almost all electric cars and it works on both phase 1 and phase 3 upto 25 kw capacity.

Fast Charging

Our charger reduces the time of charging by 50 % with conventional chargers.

E- Connected 24/7

Stay relaxed and control the usage and stay updated with our mobile application. Monitor the car charge status in real-time.


How to order your electric car charger


Get in touch

Get in touch with us through our form here or contact us by phone at 010-171 26 40.


One of our experts will walk you through the preparations for the installation and provide you with a quote.


We provide the full installation of your new car charger in your home.

Full Access

You can steer and monitor your charging through the app.

Improve your car charging experience

You will be able to use all available capacity in your home to charge your car, without exceeding the main fuse. Dynamic Load Balancing ensures that the electric car charging is automatically adjusted upward when other power requirements are low in your home.

Install a car charger with Green-Technology-Grant

When you buy a car charger with installation for your home, you are entitled to a 25% subsidy in India.


The ultimate solution for delivering electric vehicle charging at scale for workplaces, apartment blocks, and transitioning your team to electric. Make it orange